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The Importance of Air Pressure II
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Just as with your car tires, proper inflation pressure is very important to how your bicycle tires perform and last. And as with car tires, the most important variable that affects what the proper pressure should be is the load your tires are asked to carry. Test results from different tire manufactures like MICHELIN, SCHWALBE or CONTINENTAL have shown that there's a certain amount of deflection in the tire profile that's optimal for balancing grip, efficiency, comfort and durability. That deflection is based on the tire's construction and the weight of the rider. Obviously, your style of riding can have an effect too, but the chart below should give you a reasonable guide of where to start when experimenting to find the proper tire pressure for you.




The Importance of Air Pressure I
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For these tires, the pressure varies according to the weight of the rider and the terrain, but also other parameters such as the tire volume, the bicycle (no suspension vs. short travel vs. long travel suspension) and the use are all important factors in the final choice. These three tables should help with the choice of the proper pressure according to use.


TIRE SIZES 47-559 > 52-559


Example: For a cyclist of 178 lbs riding cross-country use, the air pressure should lie between 36 and 44 psi. 36 psi is the low limit to avoid pinch flats. 44 psi is the high limit, beyond which the casing flex is very limited, and in fact the tread rubber is all that deforms to absorb the irregularities in the terrain; the risks of degradation and fast wear are increased. Note: tubeless tire pressure recommendations would tend to be at the middle or lower pressure of the range given. The tubeless tire pressure recommendation for a 178 lbs rider would be 40 to 36 psi.


TIRE SIZES 54-559 > 56-559




TIRE SIZES 58-559 > 62-559



BTPS Compatibility
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BTPS Specifications
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